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Tour to Melissani Lake - Drogarati Cave - Myrtos beach

Kefalonia island Tour Details

Tour duration 3 Hours

The Drogarati Cave in Kefalonia: The Drogarati Cave in Kefalonia was discovered 300 years ago and opened to the public in 1963. It was discovered when a strong earthquake caused a collapse that revealed the cave’s entrance.

Drogarati is an impressive cave with remarkable formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Speleologists say that this cave is about 150 million years old and constitutes a rare geological phenomenon. The cave is about 60m deep and has a constant temperature of 18ΊC. The humidity of the cave reaches 90%.


The Cave of Melissani in Kefalonia: Situated just outside Sami, the Cave of Melissani has a strange appeal. It is one of the most significant places for tourists to visit in Greece. Surprisingly, there is a lake inside the cave that has trees and forests surrounding it.

The cave itself is B-shaped with two chambers or halls separated with land or an island in the center. The roof of one of the halls caved in centuries ago letting sunlight filter in.

The depth of the lake is 20 to 30 meters. When the sun is right overhead at noon, the sunlight hitting the turquoise-blue waters create a magical illusion and the whole Cave of Melissani suddenly feels lit with blue light.


Myrtos Kefalonia: Myrtos is without doubt one of the most important poles of attraction in Kefalonia. It is located 29 km north of Argostoli, in a beautiful area around huge verdant hills. Myrtos beach has gained worldwide reputation and has been constantly included in travel magazines among the best beaches in Greece and in the world. It has been awarded many times for its cleanness and the natural beauty.


The island tour to Drogarati cave, Melissani lake, and Myrtos beach lasts 3 to 3.5 hours.

The first stop is at Drogarati Cave. The taxi will wait for you as long as it takes to see the cave. The next stop is at the magical Melissani lake, where you will take a trip by boat on the lake for about 15 minutes.

Then it’s on to Myrtos beach to capture the panoramic view of one of Greece’s best beaches.

In consultation with the driver, you can go swimming at Myrtos beach if you like too.


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