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Melissani Lake—Drogarati Cave Tour:

kefalonia taxi island tours

 Duration: 2 hours.

Explore the most breathtaking sights of Kefalonia island.. Visit the Drogarati cave and the underground lake Melissani.

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Plan the tour of your desire and explore the places that you have discover to see..


Melissani lake - Drogarati cave and Myrtos beach tour:

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 Duration: 3 hours.

Drogarati Cave is where the journey begins. If you need more time to see the cave, the taxi will wait. The magical Melissani lake is the next destination, where you will embark on a 15-minute boat ride across the lake.

The next stop is Myrtos beach, where you can get a panoramic view of one of the best beaches in Greece.


Melissani lake - Drogarati cave - Makris Gialos: Duration 3 hours

kefalonia taxi island tours

 Duration: 3 hours.

The adventure starts in Drogarati Cave. The taxi will wait if more time is required to see the cave. The enchanted Melissani Lake is the next destination, and you’ll board a boat there to travel across it for 15 minutes.

Makris Gialos Beach is the next stop, and a taxi can drop you off there so you can go swimming.


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Our fleet is consisted of Mercedes taxis,air conditioned,English speaking drivers that they will guide you everywhere you wish on the island…


Kefalonia island Tours all Around by Taxi.

Best Places to visit:

    • Melissani lake:  Northwest of Sami, in the Melissani cave, is an underground lake. To visit it, go down a flight of steps to a jetty and then get into a small rowboat with a rower for a 15-minute ride around the lake.

      The roof of the cave collapsed years ago, and sunlight enters through the hole in the roof, creating amazing shades of blue light on the cave walls. The best visual effects occur around midday, when the sun is over the cave. Archeological findings suggest that the cave may have once been used as an ancient place of worship.

    • Drogarati Cave: Southwest of Sami, near the village of Khaliotata, the Drongarati Cave is huge – 95 meters long and 45 meters wide at its widest point. To enter it, you descend a long flight of stairs and enter an eerily beautiful cave, well lit and filled with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. The second chamber has excellent natural acoustics and occasionally hosts concerts – American-Greek Soprano Maria Callas is said to have sung here.                                                                                                                                                        
    • Myrtos Beach

      One of the most photographed beaches in all of Greece is on Kefalonia. On the northwest coast of the island, near Assos, Myrtos is beautiful. The two-kilometer-long beach is lined with dramatic limestone cliffs and fringes an amazing turquoise-blue sea. It is made up of smooth, white pebbles that look like sand from a distance. The view from the road above is breathtaking.The beach itself is a little wild – there is no natural shade from the afternoon sun, and the seabed drops off suddenly into deep water with strong currents, so you need to be a safe swimmer.

    • Kefalonia island Tour by Taxi includes 3 hour trip,to see the most important and beautiful places of Kefalonia,An English speaking driver will guided you to every places of Kefalonia and he will stop everywhere you want to take photos,also the driver wil wait for you at every stop as long as it takes to enjoy your tour.If you want to see more places like Assos,Fiskardo or Antisamos beach the driver will be Happy to drive for you!!!

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