Lourdas Kefalonia

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What’s Lourdas like

Lourdas, sometimes also known as Lourdata is set against a steep hillside and in one of the largest bays on Kefalonia so you’ll definitely need your walking shoes on if you want to explore the area. It’s just under half an hour from the airport and around the same to the capital Argostoli.

There’s no real village centre in Lourdas, just a collection of hotels, restaurants and shops dotted about around the road side and down by the beach. For this reason we’d recommend it for those that want to get away from the most popular tourist resorts of Lassi or Skala but still want a good beach and plenty of amenities, all enclosed by lush green surroundings.

Lourdas would also suit those people that want a simple package holiday as it has a fair number of hotels and apartments with swimming pools, restaurants and bars so you never need to leave the grounds, unless you venture out to the beach that is.

Lourdas nightlife

Nightlife in Lourdas is generally low key, there’s a few bars and some will stay open late if there’s enough people in there but for the most part it’s a nice meal in one of the tavernas and a few drinks after.

In and around Lourdas you can find bars and restaurants that have theme nights from Karaoke to live music and Greek nights, ask around when you arrive to see when and where these are.

As Lourdas and the surrounding hotels and bars are quite spread out there can sometimes be a bit of a walk between them so keep this in mind when thinking about where to go.

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What to do around Lourdas

One of the best reasons to visit Lourdas is the fabulous Lourdas beach which is about a mile long and has loads of beach side tavernas for snacks, drinks and meals so you can easily spend the entire day there topping up your tan or enjoying the gorgeous Ionian sea.

Another good reason is that you are not too far from the capital or other villages in the south of the island so you can explore the region with ease. Getting to the northern parts of the island and round to the Paliki peninsular is a bit more of a drive but easily done if you want to.

How to get from Kefalonia Airport to Lourdas by Taxi

Getting from Kefalonia Airport to Lourdas by taxi is a convenient and easy option. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Pre-book a taxi: You can pre-book a taxi online with kefaloniataxi247.com or via Whatsapp to ensure availability and avoid waiting time at the airport.

  2. Meet your driver: Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall holding a sign with your name on it.

  3. Confirm the destination: Confirm with your driver that you are going to Lourdas to avoid any confusion.

  4. Pay the fare:Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

  5. Enjoy the ride: The journey from Kefalonia Airport to Lourdas takes around 30 minutes, and you can enjoy the scenery along the way.

  6. Arrive at your destination: Your driver will drop you off at your accommodation or the designated location in Lourdas.

How much it cost from Kefalonia airport to Lourdas

Taxi from Kefalonia airport to Lourdas cost 30€ – 35€ approximately. You can book your taxi with us at Contact page or via Whatsapp.

The travel time is about 25 minutes. Prebook your taxi  with us and save.

Book in advance: It is recommended to book a taxi in advance, especially during peak travel times, to ensure availability and avoid waiting time.